Cultivating and amplifying the voices of Baltimore youth through media arts. 


Providing Baltimore youth and communities with the media education and resources to represent themselves.


Baltimore Speaks Out

The Baltimore Speaks Out Program is an introductory video making and youth development program for youth, produced in partnership with the Enoch Pratt Free Library since 2003.


Community Voices

The Community Voices program teaches young people how to make compelling photographs and tell stories of their experiences through free or low cost photography workshops. 


Design Team

The Design Team is an after-school program offering high school students the opportunity to gain advanced graphic design and media training.


Video Team

The Video Team is an after-school program offering high school students production, writing, and analytical skills to tell their stories.


Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

Wide Angle’s programming is designed to create a meaningful pathway for Baltimore youth ages 10-24 - starting with introductory community workshops and leading to advanced workforce development training.



AUGUST 6, 2018

On our way back from the visit, we all talked about being inspired to do more projects for fun, gain experience, and build up our knowledge for our careers/passions. Although we work with professionals at Wide Angle and learn something everyday, I’m glad we were able to visit VPC and talk with the professionals there.



JULY 18, 2018

Being apart of video team has helped me feel more prepared for a job and a career because I have now experienced what it feels like when someone gives direction, working with other people and having responsibilities. I’ll be going into Game Design as a career, but I'm grateful to have the opportunity to work and be a part of the film production team because it has given me skills that can help me in my career.



JULY 11, 2018

The first week of MediaWorks at Wide Angle was an exciting one as we were introduced to the world of working with clients. After a quick orientation, we were assigned to different cohorts based on a form of media we’d work with for the next five weeks: graphic design, photography, and video. Once we got to know each other with a really fun team icebreaker, we were pretty excited to start.


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