Danielle Clapperton


Danielle Clapperton is a young artist located in Baltimore, MD showcasing the passion she holds for her city through film media and graphic design. Although her main focus is media, she is highly passionate toward every form of art ranging from music to liberal and visual arts. Danielle will be finishing her high school education at Bard High School Early College with plans to attend Towson University in the future. Despite her young age, she has accomplished a variety of amazing things from developing urban rail safety videos for the transport company CSX, to traveling to Istanbul as part of a Youth & Justice Forum. By the age of 16, Danielle has accomplished five years of professional experience with fee-for-service media production opportunities and has worked with Wide Angle Youth Media to develop over 25 films around different issues in her community, as well as international problems that are important to her and her peers. A large amount of these films have been accepted into film festivals like the Crimson Screen Film Festival, and Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. Danielle firmly believes that art is the most effective way to connect with people, and express yourself. When she is not working, she enjoys creative writing, singing, spending lots of time on social media, and playing guitar and piano.