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Unique Robinson 


Unique Mical Robinson is a writer, performer, host, artivist, educator, & proud Baltimore native. Since age 13, she has had the fortune of connecting and performing with various communities throughout the US, and even Havana, Cuba. She received her MFA in English & Creative Writing from Mills College in 2014, and holds a BA in Creative Writing/Black Studies from Hampshire College in 2009. In her lifetime, her passion has led her to ensure healing and resources remain accessible to all. She has worked in a number of activist circles, artist collectives, and campaigns, including increasing funding for Baltimore City Public Schools in her youth, affordable housing for people with HIV/AIDS and ending police harassment of people of color, as a Community Organizer for VOCAL-NY in Brooklyn, NY, Reproductive Justice for women of color, and increasing mass awareness of LGBTQ+ issues. She worked as an Academic Mentor for youth in Oakland’s Unified School District, and upon returning to Baltimore, became a Teaching Artist and Program Director/ Operations Manager for DewMore Baltimore. She is currently an award-winning Poetry & Performance Teaching Artist with Arts Every Day, Faculty in Humanistic Studies at MICA, a member of Pr3ssPlayPoets, and Co-Founder of blkottonkandy, a wellness initiative. She is more than thrilled to continue her journey as a part of Wide Angle Youth Media’s team.