In honor of their past service, we want to recognize a wonderful group of people who have shared their expertise with our organization as Wide Angle Youth Media Board Members:
Cheryl Amato
Jewel Baker
Demetria Barrett
Kate Bladow
Lee Boot
Mel Brooke
Justin Brown
Gina Davis*
John Dean*
Oletha DeVane
Irvin (Dee) Drummond
John Durel*
Rachel Elliott
Mia Fields-Hall
Mac Finney
Sharon Flynn
Eric Ford
Jeffrey Gillis
Gordon Glover
Joseph Harrington
Melissa Houghton
Paul Jan
Mildred Johnson
Dani Johnson
Pablo Jusem
Lisa Kelly
Suzanne Knizner
Sooz Laugen
Douglas Lee
Ellie Mitchell
Jeffrey Myers* Jason Perry
Mark Phelps*
Ty Pearson
Christopher Reed
Zy Richardson
Genny Roanhouse*
Heather Rosenbloom*
Diana Savage
Paul Santomenna*, 1st Board President and Co-Founder
Sedica Sawez
Sylvia Strobel
Erin Taylor*
Rebecca Yenawine, Co-Founder
Valerie Knight Young
Andres Zapata

*Former Board Presidents

Also, a special thanks to this group of amazing advisors who have helped shape and guide Wide Angle Youth Media since we began our inception:
Jane Brown
Mary Case
Reggie Daniels
Anita Durel
John Durel
Gin Ferrara, Co-Founder
Lauren Goodsmith
Latanya Bailey Jones
Neil Didriksen
Pam King
Michael Wassenaar
Dana Weckesser