Wide Angle’s programming is designed to create a meaningful pathway for Baltimore youth ages 10-24 - starting with introductory community workshops and leading to advanced workforce development training:

Community Programming

The Community Voices program teaches young people how to make compelling photographs and tell stories of their experiences.  Community Voices is a program that provides free or low cost photography workshops to schools and organizations to generate work to be displayed at a range of venues in Baltimore City. The goal of the exhibit is to use creative curation to spark interest in a large and diverse audience to learn more about positive attributes of Baltimore youth. Learn more about Community Voices and apply for your school or organization today!

Middle School Programming

The Baltimore Speaks Out Program is an introductory videomaking and youth development program for youth, produced in partnership with the Enoch Pratt Free Library since 2003. Baltimore Speaks Out workshops are conducted each academic year in neighborhood library branches and schools, providing students ages 10-15 with media literacy, teambuilding, public speaking, community service, and digital media skills. Learn more about this free program and apply today!

High School Programming

The Design Team is an after-school program offering high school students the opportunity to gain advanced graphic design and media training while developing skills in leadership, marketing, and public speaking. Students produce media campaigns that create positive and tangible change in our city. Their efforts focus on improving school climate through targeted design solutions. By putting this important work into the hands of high school students, the Design Team empowers young people to shape the future of Baltimore. Learn more about this free after school program and apply today!

The Video Team is an advanced media production program for Baltimore City youth 14-20 years of age.  Participants learn production, writing, and analytical skills so they can tell powerful stories about the lives of young people in Baltimore. Videos by our youth producers are screened locally, and shown nationally and internationally through public access channels and film festivals, and on the web.  Learn more here and apply today!

Summer Engagement

MediaWorks is a newly revamped intensive summer training in partnership with YouthWorks for 46 youth ages 14-21 to participate in paid media arts workshops and college and career development programming.

Youth Apprenticeships

Wide Angle Youth Apprenticeships allow 12 students ages 16-24 who have shown increasing skill growth and engagement in Wide Angle programming the option to earn monthly stipends and participate in either teaching or media production workforce development tracks.

Custom Programs

Throughout the year, we partner with community groups, schools, agencies, and other non-profits to teach young people how to use media to educate their community, advocate for their concerns, and increase the impact of their voices. Bring us to your community, and give your youth the benefits of media education! All of our workshops are customizable to best suit the needs of your students, topic, and budget.
Email info@wideanglemedia.org to learn more.

Program Goals

Across all programs, youth practice public speaking, leadership, and workforce development skills  – including teamwork, creativity, critical thinking, and high quality digital media technical skills. A typical Wide Angle classroom has a 1:8 instructor-to-youth ratio allowing for individualized attention. Students of all learning levels/abilities are encouraged to participate. Wide Angle ensures that sites are accessible and works to practice inclusiveness and provide a safe learning environment.  Middle school participants in The Baltimore Speaks Out program are eligible to receive service learning hours. High school participants in the Design Team or Video Team are eligible to receive a per-class stipend or service learning hours. MediaWorks and Youth Apprenticeships both offer stipend opportunities.