2019 Spring Space Expansion

At Wide Angle, change is more than a photograph. Change is imagining new possibilities and helping our students apply their skills to make that vision a reality.

Change is more than a microphone. Change is giving our students a space to tell their stories, amplifying their voices, and providing the tools for them to craft their own life story.

Change is more than a camera/classroom. Change is commitment - beyond one class, beyond one program, so students can achieve their future goals.

With your support, we have a one-time opportunity to expand our offices, outfit a new Media Lab and create workspaces for our students, apprenticeships and staff. Our programs are flourishing:

  • We’ve piloted a new Design Apprenticeship that will fully launch in the fall.

  • Our summer MediaWorks program has added a third cohort of students.

  • Wide Angle Productions, our social enterprise, takes on new clients and projects each month.

We’ve outgrown our space - we need more workstations for students, more space for our apprenticeship programs and teachers, and a place for youth to work on personal creative projects. This spring, we have the chance to be more for our students, our community and our city.

At Wide Angle, our students join a community of teachers, mentors, media makers and their peers. They learn how to tell their stories through video, design and photography and gain skills that prepare them for the next chapter in their lives, so they have the chance to write their own life story. #GiveaSquare and Grow Our Community for Baltimore’s next generation of media makers - because Wide Angle is more than a camera.

Wide Angle Productions, in need of additional editing stations and workspace to accommodate a roster of 12 youth apprentices and 3 staff.

Wide Angle Productions, in need of additional editing stations and workspace to accommodate a roster of 12 youth apprentices and 3 staff.


During our #GiveASquare spring campaign, we need individual donors like you to help us raise $25,235 to expand our offices by 721 square feet ($35 per square foot). Invest in high quality media arts education and help us reach our goal by May 10, 2019!

Overview of Build Out Plan

From spring - fall, 2019, we’ll build out our space in three phases:

Phase 1 (Early spring): Re-Imagine

Wide Angle staff, students and board have reimagined our current space to combine a existing offices and meeting areas to:

  • Create a new department to house our growing social enterprise production house and workforce development placement, Wide Angle Productions.

  • Establish a Programs Department for full and part time staff.  

  • Expand the Communications and Development office to accommodate 2 full time staff.

Phase 2 (Late Spring): Expand

Wide Angle will increase our organizational footprint by 721 square feet into an adjoining vacant office. The expansion will allow us to:

  • Complete the Programs Department build out with outfitted 5 staff workspaces.

  • Create a much-needed Media Lab with 12 work stations for summer MediaWorks, as well as Video and Design Team high school academic year programs.

  • Open additional spots to youth on waiting lists.

  • Enable Media Instructors to differentiate content for scaffolded learning tailored to introductory, intermediate and advanced level students.

  • Provide a work space for the launch of our Design Apprenticeship program, being piloted this spring with formal implementation in Fall 2019.

Phase 3 (Fall): Refine

After Wide Angle concludes summer programming, we will furnish the new space with current technology, furniture, computers for production, and additional needed items as we settle in to our updated home and prepare to broaden our Workforce opportunities.

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Help us add 721 square feet of engaging media education for youth. Give a Square!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many youth will use the new space?

Over 90 students will use the new Media Lab in the coming year, and we expect that number to grow. They will work on personal projects, class projects, participate in summer MediaWorks and academic year Video and Design Teams and apprenticeships.

How will my donation be acknowledged?

All donors will be listed on Wide Angle’s website as FY2019 supporters. Individual Donors who support 10 or more square feet ($350) and Organizations that support 100 or more square feet ($3,500) will be credited on our donor wall in the new space.

What does my spring 2019 campaign donation support?

All donors who “Give a Square” will be funding the physical needs of the space to get it ready for summer 2019 programming. To make the space functional, we will create windows, doorways, new electrical lines, HVAC updates, lights, internet cables, other the other necessary physical changes of the space. These are vital components that we need to have in place by mid-June, 2019.

What other ways can I support this campaign?

Spread the word to help us reach our fundraising goal! As a Wide Angle community member, let the people in your network know about our work and our goal to do more to support our youth with a new Media Lab!

Can I stop by to see the space?

Once the build out is complete, Wide Angle will have an Open House for donors, families and community members to see the new space and learn more about the work that will take place there. Stay tuned for details! In the mean time, look for updates and behind the scenes documentation of the build out on our social media channels.