Wide Angle Youth Media Youth Producers selected the theme, “Why Black Lives Matter” to explore throughout the 2017-2018 school year. In structors teaching in middle and high school classrooms created curriculum that encouraged racial identity reflection, initiated projects to amplify youth voice, and inspired political engagement. This resulted in over 100 collaborative and individual projects, spanning from poster design to animation, photography to documentary film.

Why Black Lives Matter- Discussing Race Through Film, Photography and Design, reflects activities that ignited conversations and creation around the Movement for Black Lives and racial identity in Wide Angle Youth Media classrooms. It is intended for middle school, high school, higher education settings and as a facilitation guide to compliment public screenings of youth media.


Thank you for your interest in Why Black Lives Matter - Discussing Race Through Film, Photography and Design. We are eager to have others use lessons from the curriculum we have developed - we want this work out in the world! Wide Angle Youth Media asks that you provide contact information so we can follow up and invite feedback and invite contributions of new lessons we might add to the final guide (with attribution to the creators of new lessons).

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